A "Personal Touch" of Class on your Glass

Draped with Clear Acrylic Charms

**Price may vary, based on request**

**Up to 3 Alphabets May be displayed on any Solid Fabric** 

Polyester Blend: Black/Dark Blue

Jersey Fabric: Black/Yellow-Gold/Dark Green/Lavender/Burgundy/Teal

Silk Fabric: Checkered Black/Olive Green, Light Blue or Navy Blue Shimmer

Silky Rayon Fabric: Red

Mesh:  Royal "Dodger" Blue/Dark "Dallas Cowboy" Blue

**Charms may be chosen from any other product**

Personal Touch

  • Wash by hand and lay flat to dry.

  • Each "Beverage Brim" has a convenient opening to enjoy your beverage with a straw.